How to Play

First things first, you must create or join a league. Join a public league based on a convenient draft time or create a private league and set a draft time that works for your friends. Once you're in a league, it's easy.

DRAFT a team of celebrities, with at least 2 celebs in each category: TV, MUSIC, and FILM
SET A LINEUP for each before every nomination and award show
WATCH the award shows and see the points roll in for your team.
BEST the competition and win a cash prize at the end of the season.

Scoring Points

Only certain noms and award shows are eligible for StarDraft points. They are:
Critics Choice Awards
Grammy Awards
Independent Spirit Awards
Screen Actors Guild Awards
Academy Awards

In the 2021-2022 season, there will be no points awards for the Golden Globes. Sorry, but they suck.

Every time a celeb earns a nom or an award, they earn points.
4 Points - Individual Category Win
3 Points - Ensemble Category Win
2 Points - Individual Nom
1 Point - Ensemble Nom

Individual Categories include your standard fare of Best Actress, Best New Song, Best Supporting Actor, etc. Ensemble Categories are when a celeb is in an acclaimed movie or contributes to an acclaimed album. They include Best Picture or Best Animated Feature. But as we all know, not every award show is created equal. So we assign each one a point bonus, as follows:

Independent Spirit Awards - NO BONUS
Critics Choice Awards - 25% BONUS
Screen Actors Guild Awards - 25% BONUS
Grammy Awards - 50% BONUS
Academy Awards - 75% BONUS

So the bigger the award show the more points you earn. For example, an Individual Win at the Critics Choice Awards is worth 4 points, but an Individual Win at the Academy Awards is worth 7 points (75% more than the usual 4). For a full list of points broken down by categories, click here.


You’ll draft 10 celebrities - 2 TV celebs, 2 FILM celebs, and 2 MUSIC celebs must be on your roster at all times. Unsure who to draft? Have no fear, we give you rankings based on everchanging win probabilities to guide you on draft day.


Once you have your celeb squad, you’ll need to always set your lineup. Only your 6 ACTIVE celebs can earn you points during each eligible event. Celebs on your bench will get you nothing.

You can add and drop celebrities throughout the entire season. Tom Hanks not getting the awards love you thought he would? Drop him and pick up a celebrity that has a chance to win you points.


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